Performance Testing

What is Performance Testing?

A performance testing done to test the responsiveness, throughput and the scalability of an Application under Test. The major goals of performance testing include evaluating application output, speed processing, data transfer velocity, network bandwidth usage, maximum concurrent users, memory utilization, workload efficiency, and command response times.

Performance testing are precisely executed to examine speed, robustness, reliability and application size.

It examines several indicators like Browser, page &network response time, server query processing time, no. of acceptable concurrent users architected, CPU memory consumption and type of errors which may be encountered when using an application.

Why Performance Testing required?

It is done to provide the stakeholder with information about their developed application regarding speed, scalability and stability. To establish whether the performance levels claimed by a software trader are indeed true. Performance testing can be complicated and requires specialised test planning.


How to do
Performance Testing?

1.  Identify the test environment and tools

In Performance testing, first we have to identify the test environment requires while testing and the tools used to perform it. In production environment some performance testing may occurs but there should be thorough and careful safeguards that prevent the testing from disruption.

2. Define the acceptable criteria

 It determines the performance that describes the acceptable level of employee’s performance requirements.

3. Plan & design the test

After Understanding the requirements, create test scenarios that fits into all use cases.

4. Design test environment and tools

 Prepare the test element environment and instruments for performance.

5. Run the performance test

 Execute the test.

6. Resolve and retest

  After executing analyse the result and run the test using same parameters.

Tools used for Performance: LoadRunner, JMeter, Blaze Meter

Our Performance Testing as a Service ensures that your system is ready for release

Focused in developing Load & performance test scripts by using web Http/Html in VuGen, monitor system performance in Controller and analyse the result of the load test in Analyser.